Our Privacy Policy

At ECN Capital LTD (henceforth the "company") we hold our clients' privacy in highest regard. We are strongly committed to keeping all information regarding clients, former clients as well as visitors to our website from being disclosed to any third party, to this end we utilize the latest data security technology, including advanced SSL encryption.

In order to make use of our trading platform personal details must be gathered, including email and physical address, full name, Identification or passport number etc. By providing these necessary details you consent to the company storing and securing the data in the manner described below:

Point at Which Clients' Personal Information is Gathered:

  • Upon creating an active or a demo trading account on the company's website or mobile app
  • Each time a client deposits funds into their trading account
  • Every time a client makes a withdrawal from their trading account

The Personal Information Collected May Include:

  • A client's full name, their address, birth date, occupation and ID number
  • Information regarding finances such as assets, trading and investment experience as well as monthly income
  • Copies of utility bills (or payment receipts), such as for water, electricity or municipal taxes
  • Bank statements
  • Other personal information deemed necessary at the company's sole discretion

No personal information provided by a client shall ever be shared with a third party unless the client has given written consent or have themselves ordered that such sharing take place.

Ways Of Collecting Clients' Personal Information:

  • Clients' fundamental details are gathered during registration for becoming a user of the company's website or mobile app. This is done through the use of forms
  • Clients are requested to provide personal information when depositing funds to their trading accounts as well as when making withdrawals from said accounts
  • Personal information may be gathered while clients are engaged in trading using the company's platform
  • Clients may be requested to provide personal information when contacting the company or when responding to an offer made by the company

Some information may be collected automatically and indirectly, this includes IP addresses, type of operating system a client is using, software configurations and use of cookies.

Use Made of the Personal Information Gathered

  • Verification of a client's identity
  • Setting up and operating a client's trading account
  • Keeping client's up to date, making relevant offers, informing about changes and referring clients to news items which may be of interest to a client etc.
  • Analyzing a client's activity in order for the company to provide them with advice on ways to improve their trading, notifications regarding products and services which a client may be interested in trying
  • Providing clients with the best possible support

Sharing of Clients' Personal Information

As stated above the company is obliged to refrain from sharing a client's personal information, therefore such sharing will only take place with a client's consent. Upon creating a trading account a client is permitting the company to share the personal information they provide with persons or legal entities involved in operating their account, such as attorneys, tax auditors, banks, accountants and other financial institutions. Among other things, such sharing is done in order to expose and prevent fraud, money laundering, illegal transactions, unlawful claims or any other liabilities. Personal information may also be shared when need arises to compensate brokers or affiliates.

Personal Information Protection Methods

  • The company makes use of the very latest data securing technology including firewalls and cutting edge data encryption software
  • Clients access their trading accounts through use of user names and passwords known only to them
  • Only company employees who need to make use of a client's personal information will have access to it

Depositing Funds and Making Withdrawals

Clients must deposit a minimum amount of 250 U.S dollars in order to create a basic user account, there is no maximum amount limit for a deposit, the minimal sum which can be withdrawn by a client from their trading account is 25 U.S dollars. A client may choose to withdraw the funds remaining in their trading account all at once.

Credit Card Data

The company does not store, electronically or by any other format, any client's full credit card data. At no point is any type of credit card payment processing carried out using the company's systems nor on the company's premises.

Contact Customer Support For Inquiries or Complaints

Our customer support will provide further information to any client who wishes to make inquiries regarding this privacy policy. Any complaints should also be made through our customer support service which may be contacted by phone, email or live chat.



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