Policy for Exposing and Preventing Money Laundering Activities

Money laundering activities are any transferring of funds conducted with intent to veil their origins or the identity of their final recipients. Many times money laundering takes place for tax evasion purposes or when attempts are made to mask the fact that the funds involved were obtained unlawfully. Since money laundering enables criminal elements to enjoy use of ill gotten funds we are naturally against any such activity and are dedicated to prevent anyone from engaging in it thorough use of our trading platform.

This Policy's Objective - A Secure Trading Platform Free Of Unlawful Activities

So far as money laundering is concerned we are determined to ensure that our law abiding users will freely and securely enjoy all benefits of trading via our advanced platform while, at the same time, any and all money laundering attempts are quickly exposed and appropriate legal action taken against the parties involved.

We have gone to great lengths in order to incorporate into our trading platform an advanced anti-money laundering security system, we make certain this system is kept up to date and always one step ahead of would be offenders. We work in cooperation with relevant local government agencies in the countries where our users reside. This, along with other measures, allows us to verify user credentials as well as trace the path of funds used to trade with.

We consider it our duty to inform the authorities of any dubious transactions so that if our suspicions turn out to be justified legal ramifications can be initiated by local government authorities.

It is in order to make money laundering all but impossible that we do not support any type of cash transactions. Further anti-money laundering measures include holding the right to deny or retroactively cancel a transaction conducted in association with a money laundering attempt. Under international law, it is our duty to take such preventive and counter money laundering measures, we hold this duty in high regard.

Compliance With International Law Requirements

Our anti-money laundering policy was drawn out in a way which ensures compliance with all relevant international law provisions. As part of this policy we assign an adequate number of staff members the role of officers in charge of exposing and preventing money laundering activities through constant collaboration with local and international authorities.

Our security system undergoes regular inspections, assessments and updates. We verify credentials of all our users. Members of our staff who are involved in upholding our strict anti-money laundering policy receive comprehensive training and instruction enabling them to effectively maintain our guard against such activities.

Limitations On Deposits for Prevention of Money Laundering

Strictly prohibited are third party deposits which violate our anti-money laundering policy, among such deposits are fund transfers from a person (or party) who does not hold a viable trading user account with us. Any third party checks will undergo inspection by a staff member entrusted with this duty, if found lacking in credibility such checks will be refused, we therefore provide no guarantee of receipt nor refund of payments conducted in this fashion.

In all cases where money transfers from third parties are found to be legitimate and thus their completion is allowed all supporting documentation proving legitimacy will be logged and kept on file. This also applies to corporate funds transferred to a private user account. Creation and operation of corporate accounts (including such accounts belonging to LLCs) will be made possible only upon submission of the following documents- certificate of incorporation, proof of address, shareholder certificate and article of incorporation.

Money Laundering Prevention Through Limitations on Withdrawals

In accordance with our anti-money laundering policy when a withdrawal is made the recipient's name must be identical to that of the user account's holder. Wire transfers are only possible when made from the same bank as that associated with the user account, the names of the sender and recipient must match. Withdrawals made via an online payment platform will only be made possible if the funds are transferred to an account with credentials matching those of the user account.

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