Start Trading in Three Simple Steps

Online trading is a great way to invest in various products, such as foreign currency (Forex), stocks, CFDs (Contracts for Future Difference) and a number of different commodities. Using an online trading platform you can operate your trading account from anywhere via the internet through the use of a computer, mobile phone or tablet. An advanced trading platform such as ours is compatible with virtually any end device.

Another significant advantage of online trading is being able to follow and even automatically mimic other traders, ones you believe are making all the right moves. This is called social trading.

Our platform enables you to make use of all the latest features associated with social trading. You can view trading records of traders from all over the globe, choose ones who's trading statistics impress you, learn from the way they trade and even set up your account for trades to be made automatically in the way the traders you are following makes them. You are not obliged to invest the exact same sums.

Social trading is a great way to take your first steps and learn the ropes of trading online. It also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the experience and prowess of other traders, ones with a proven record of trading successfully.

Getting Started

  • In order to begin taking advantage of all that our platform has to offer, including the opportunities social trading provides, the first thing you need to do is set up a user account.
  • Opening an account is extremely simple. Just click on "Register" and follow the straightforward directions until the process is complete. Note that you will be asked to provide several documents which prove your identity, place of residence and means of transferring funds to and from your trading account, there are various options and any legitimate trader has no trouble completing the verification process within minutes.
  • Deposit funds in your trading account so that you can finance your very first trades. There is a minimal sum you will need to have in your account in order to begin trading.
  • Search for traders who you believe are worth following and. Set up your account so that trades are made in accordance with the ones the traders you follow are engaging in.

In order to choose and begin following and mimicking experienced, successful traders we suggest you follow this routine:

  • Browse trading records and statistics belonging to traders with proven successful trading records. Choose ones which most impress you and whose trading preferences seem most in line with your own.
  • Copy, with the click of a mouse, the traders you want to begin mimicking.
  • Set up your account so that trades are automatically made in the same manner the trader you are mimicking is trading. You may choose to invest a set sum for every trade or sums that are a certain percentage of the ones the trader you are following is investing.


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