FAQ - About Opening and Using a Trading Account With ECN Capital

If you have any questions, or issues you feel you want to receive more information about, you are always welcome to contact our customer support department via email, telephone or live chat. We'll be happy to be of assistance any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You may find the answer you're searching for among the ones given in the FAQ listed below:

How can I withdraw funds from my trading account?

At ECN Capital we guarantee that transferring of funds withdrawn from clients' trading accounts will be executed within 7 business days from the moment the withdrawal request was issued. Withdrawal requests are made from the "withdrawal" page which is accessible from the drop down menu under "My Account".

The transfer of the funds you have withdrawn from your account will be made in the same manner you've made deposits to your account, i.e. if you deposit through the use of a credit card, the same card will be credited upon processing the withdrawal request you've made. If you deposit money into your trading account by way of bank wire transfer the sum withdrawn will be transferred in a similar fashion into the same bank account from which deposits are made.

After the initial deposit, how do I make further deposits into my trading account?

How much is the fee for a trade I open?

What is the ECN system and what is the difference between ECN and the fixed spreads?

How long is it recommended to keep a trade open?

What characterizes the ECN Capital trading system?

Is there a recommended length of time to keeping a trade position open?

How is profit made from currency interest differences?

Can a trade be closed manually even if profit goal is not reached?

Can I close a trade only partly, leaving some of it open?

What does "lock in profits" mean and how does it allow me to ensure collecting profits which have already accumulated?

How do I set up a future trade?

What is hedging and what's to be gained from it?

What is a margin call and when is one issued?

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