About ECN Capital

ECN Capital offers traders from all around the world a Social Forex Trading experience unlike any-other broker.
The brokerage was established in 2011 with intent to continually cater to the evolving needs of modern Forex traders. Today over 350,000 traders take advantage of the cutting edge technology, exceptional market analysis aids, vast data clearly presented, competitive pricing and user friendly social trading platform all of which have become well recognized ECN Capital trademarks.

Founders' Vision

ECN Capital was founded by two veteran Swiss capital market experts with over 15 years of experience investing in various markets including high volume Forex trading. Having collaborated before in developing algorithm based trading systems the two decided to go a step further in allowing others to benefit from their expertise. Careful characterizing, smartly utilizing of vast ties and out in the field experience gave rise to a leading brokerage, one which works not only with traders but for them. The social trading platform we place at the disposal of those who choose us as their broker is a feature rich, intuitive, fast, no nonsense one, it is undoubtedly one of the finest online social Forex trading platform ever created.

ECN Capital Values

The initial aspirations of ECN Capital's founders resonate throughout the brokerage's activities. We believe in doing our very best in order to assist traders in maximizing their profits, we also believe it is our duty to provide traders with top class tools for improving their trading skills. Traders first using the advanced social Forex trading platform we provide them with marvel at the flexibility it awards them, its speed, the sophisticated yet easy to use features, numerous priceless aids such as charting tools, market insights and much more. The ECN Capital brokerage was established with nothing but traders' interests in mind, this also means extremely low fees.

Our Strategy

To this day ECN Capital's founders, head the brokerage's operations, they make sure that every aspect of the services we provide coincide with the values they worked so hard to instill. From executives to the most junior employees, staff at ECN Capital are expected to do their utmost in order to ensure anyone trading with us is provided with all they need and more in order to succeed. We continuously strive onwards adding to and improving the services our brokerage offers, this includes ensuring that the social Forex trading platform we place at the hands of traders is updated so that it remains a cutting edge one.

The ECN Capital trading process is fully automated, traders' orders are executed with lightning speed and at the price they expected, we offer leverage allowing traders with limited funds gain much more from smart, well thought-out moves. Round the clock support, by live chat, email or phone, ensures traders always have someone to turn to for guidance helping them make the most of what trading with ECN Capital has to offer.

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